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Economy & Jobs

The Valley is currently facing significant economic challenges that are hurting working families. These issues include excessive regulations, man-made water shortages, and an affordability crisis. This combination of factors is making it increasingly difficult for families in the Valley to achieve the American Dream. The lack of jobs, rising taxes, and a stagnant economy are further exacerbating the situation, leaving families struggling to make ends meet.

To address these pressing issues, it is crucial to implement policies that put the well-being of working families, small businesses, and farmers first. This can be achieved by lowering taxes and reducing unnecessary regulations. Additionally, it is essential to focus on resolving the water scarcity issue in California. By bringing water back to the region, we can stimulate economic growth and put more money directly into the hands of Valley families. Supporting policies that foster abundance and opportunity will help our country get back to normal.

As public servants, we have a responsibility to support businesses across the nation and foster job creation that can uplift working families. This commitment extends to the Valley, where efforts will be made to keep existing jobs and pave the way for future economic growth. By addressing the water crisis in the region and opposing burdensome regulations that hinder small businesses, we can create an environment where everyone can thrive. Empowering entrepreneurs and businesses is vital to building a strong economy that benefits our Valley.