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As a lifelong farmer and Valley resident, I am all too familiar with the water issues facing California. We need water policy that prioritizes the needs of our working families, farmers, and small businesses. Agriculture is the backbone of our Valley’s economy, and access to reliable and abundant water supplies is crucial for the success of our communities. I believe in a balanced approach that ensures sustainable water management while protecting our environment.

First and foremost, I support investing in water infrastructure projects that increase storage capacity and improve our water systems. Upgrading our aging infrastructure will help capture and store water during wet years, which can then be used during periods of drought. This not only ensures a more consistent water supply for our farmers but also helps reduce the impacts of droughts and the strain on existing water sources.

I am committed to making it easier to build critical water infrastructure. Regulations hinder the development of new water storage facilities and prevents efficient water management. By reducing obstacles and promoting cooperation between federal and state agencies, we can speed up the construction of critical water infrastructure projects and protect our ability to meet the water needs of our region.