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Duarte Calls to Reinstate Speaker Kevin McCarthy

WASHINGTON – Today, Congressman John Duarte (CA-13) issued his support for Kevin McCarthy for Speaker of the House of Representatives.

“Kevin McCarthy displayed exceptional leadership during his tenure as Speaker of the House, effectively advancing the federal government in a bipartisan manner. He spearheaded the Fiscal Responsibility Act and passed a continuing resolution to keep the government open and working for the American people. The Republican Party needs to put its internal disputes aside and re-elect him for the role of Speaker of the House to move the country forward.

Now more than ever, we need stability. Internationally, there is growing recognition that the United States House of Representatives is in disarray and our administration weak. Earlier this week, Hamas took advantage of our weakness by waging a war against Israel, one of our most important allies, highlighting the urgency of the situation. McCarthy’s 5-Point Plan to aid Israel stands out as the most coherent strategy amongst any of our leaders.

It is abundantly clear that McCarthy is unwavering in his commitment to aid Israel, keep our government open, and address the current needs of the American people. He is the rightful Speaker who should have remained in his role had it not been for the personal agendas of a handful of individuals who are fixated on causing chaos. I urge my Democratic colleagues to join with us and get Kevin McCarthy back in the Speakership for the welfare of this nation,” said Rep. Duarte.