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Duarte Issues Statement on the Secretary Mayorkas Impeachment Resolution

WASHINGTON – Today, Congressman John Duarte issued the following statement regarding his vote to refer the Secretary Mayorkas impeachment resolution back to committee.

"There is no disputing the fact that under the leadership of President Biden, our southern border is in a crisis with an onslaught of fentanyl and cartel crime spilling through. We need to secure our border immediately.

However, Marjorie Taylor Greene’s impeachment resolution is an empty messaging maneuver that does absolutely nothing in tackling our border crisis. Without concrete evidence supporting Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas’ crimes, any impeachment attempt is destined to fail in the Democratic-run Senate, undermining our collective efforts for border security. That is why I voted to refer the impeachment motion back to the House Homeland Security Committee where Chairman Mark Green has been leading an investigation on this matter since January. Once the committee has compiled a robust case against Mayorkas, it would make it impossible for the Senate to deny the Administration’s willful indulgence of the crime spilling through our southern border.

Greene’s hasty resolution wastes the little time we have to conduct real legislation where tangible border security measures can actually be passed through regular order negotiations, increasing the likelihood of passage through the Senate and enforcement by the Administration. We need to secure our border. We need to fix DACA. We need to reform our immigration process to allow hard working families to come out of the shadows. And we can do all of this through the legislative process, not a shallow and unresearched privileged motion that has no force of law to change anything.

We cannot succumb to the same hasty and vengeful parliamentarian tactics that have been utilized by Democrats in the last four years. These measures were wrong then, and they’re wrong now. We are better than that, and I’m proud to be standing among the likes of constitutional conservatives like Representatives Tom McClintock, Darrell Issa, Patrick McHenry, and Virginia Foxx who also voted to send the resolution back to committee. These are strong conservative leaders who understand the dangers of weaponizing such an important tool especially as we prepare for the results of the Biden Impeachment Inquiry that will likely trigger the need for this measure," said Rep. Duarte.